What's New

What's New?

Welcome to the 2018/2019 School Year!


Let me take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Carol Hamilton, Coordinator of Food Services. I am new to the district this school year and am excited to join the team.  Here are just a few of the reasons to allow your student to participate in our lunch program. 

  •   We pride ourselves in  partnering  in the Farm-to-School Program, offering fresh fruits from Lynd Crest Orchard and vegetables from White Barn organics, both local farms in our community.  Access to local partnerships like these allow our school district to serve fresh foods packed with nutrition. We offer vegetarian, gluten free, along with regular lunch meals.  Please check out some of the pictures featuring the items we serve daily/seasonally
  • Ohio Days My Plate/My State:  These are days that we serve on one of the lines all items grown and processed in the state of OHIO.  We are proud to partner with local farmers and vendors to bring our own items to the plates of students. 
  • Our Goal is to reach every student's nutritional needs and help them stay healthy in mind and body. 
  • I welcome your feedback to our products.   


Please note*   If you have in the past placed a restriction on your student (s) account and would now want to permit them to purchase differently, please contact me hamilton.27@napls.us to have the restriction lifted. 

If your student has received F/R lunch in the past, you will still need to fill out an application at the beginning of the school year.  The status will carry over only 30 days after school begins.